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AI enhances communication with proficiency in multiple languages and well-trained models.

Available 100+ Languages and 60+ Chat bots

  • 200 Million Customers
  • 2k + Reviews
  • 250 Currencies
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EmbedAI Features

Future empowered by the strength of AI

Scalable Chatbot

Connect with your customers anywhere, anytime with Chat development service.

Al Power

Developer toolset with inline scripting for API calls, complex integrations.

Multi Language

Scale your business across multiple languages & time zones.

Expert Team

Face-to-face discussion. Get a consultant from the best expert team.

How it works

Simple steps before using EmbedAI chatbot

To use our AI powered chat bots, you only need to follow these simple & straight foward steps.


Configure your chatbot

Customize chatbot settings for your needs in the user-friendly configuration panel.


Copy your widget code

Copy widget code for seamless integration, ensuring smooth implementation of chatbot features.


Embed on your website

Paste the code into your website to instantly activate the chatbot functionality.

Trusted Chatbot Solution

Many companies trust EmbedAI

We will help you to professionally answer your business chats, texts, and social messages.

  • Faster Response Rate
  • AI-enabled Chat Bots
  • Increased Conversion Rates

Enhance the growth of your business

Refine for business success and efficiency

  • Well Trained Models
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Dedicated Chatbot Assistants
  • Faster Response Rate
  • Increased Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Retention
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